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I have a database that has a users table. Within the table are two fields: a datetime field for when users initially register with a website, and another datetime field for when that registration has been confirmed by the user via e-mail.

I'm expecting a lot of people to register but never activate their accounts, and I don't want to bog down my table with non-users, so I am creating a CRON script. The script will run every 24 hours, and will delete the rows where the user has registered but hasn't activated account after x number of days. the pseudo-code would look something like this:

DELETE FROM users WHERE [registration_date is more than 72 hours after NOW() ] AND ISNULL(registration_confirmed)

As I said that's the pseudo-code; I am not sure how to get the time gap between a datetime field and NOW(). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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AND registration_confirmed IS NULL
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