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I'm migrating a legacy perl project from Perl 5.8 to Perl 5.14 in Windows XP platform. Now I encounter a problem on a required Socket6 module.

The current Socket6 is requiring perl58.dll so it cannot be directly reused. I try to search Socket binary distributions for 5.14 however I only find linux versions, such as:

I try to build the latest source code in Windows XP with 5.14 but since PL_sv_undef is not supported in Perl5.14 that some compilation error encounters so I cannot continue.

Would you help if there's existing binary distribution in XP or guidelines regarding how to build socket6 in

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Socket6 is not necessary on 5.14: The Socket module (finally) has proper built-in IPv6 support. If you don't need your code to work on older versions of perl, I'd recommend using that instead of Socket6. Otherwise, Socket::GetAddrInfo may provide what you need.

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CPAN Tester Reports show it have been failing for Win32 build. You may try the cygwin build which seems to work.

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