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I'm using open xml SDK 2.0 and i'm kind off new to this.

I have actually created a quickpart (containg content control) in my word 2007 document named "hello.docx". Now I need to copy the quickpart into the other location of the same document named "hello.docx". I was very thank full for this post and same thing is posted on stack overflow forum for which i was very thank full :)...This post just deletes the content control but keeps the content in Content control.

With the help of the above link I was able to modify the code to clone the content control and append to the same document (This part of my code is working). But i have problem in innerText. Though i replace the innerText in the open Xml element, it is not geting reflected in the doucument.

public static void AddingSdtBlock(string filename, string sdtBlockTag)
            using (WordprocessingDocument doc = WordprocessingDocument.Open(filename,true))
                MainDocumentPart mainDocumentPart = doc.MainDocumentPart;
                List<SdtBlock> sdtList = mainDocumentPart.Document.Descendants<SdtBlock>().ToList();
                SdtBlock sdtA = null;

                foreach (SdtBlock sdt in sdtList)
                    if (sdt.SdtProperties.GetFirstChild<Tag>().Val.Value == sdtBlockTag)
                        sdtA = sdt;
                SdtBlock cloneSdkt = (SdtBlock)sdtA.Clone();

                OpenXmlElement sdtc = cloneSdkt.GetFirstChild<SdtContentBlock>();
              //  OpenXmlElement parent = cloneSdkt.Parent;

                OpenXmlElementList elements = cloneSdkt.ChildElements;

               // var mySdtc = new SdtContentBlock(cloneSdkt.OuterXml);

                foreach (OpenXmlElement elem in elements)
                  string innerxml=  elem.InnerText ;
                  if (innerxml.Length>0)
                      string modified = "Class Name : My Class.Description : mydesc.AttributesNameDescriptionMy Attri attri desc.Operations NameDescriptionmy ope ope descriptn.";
                     string replace= elem.InnerText.Replace(innerxml, modified);
                    // mainDocumentPart.Document.Save();
                   // string text = parent.FirstChild.InnerText;
                   // parent.Append((OpenXmlElement)elem.Clone());



The Replaced string in the openXML element is not geting reflected in the document. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Your "string replace= " line does nothing. By creating a variable you seem aware that string.Replace() is not an in-place replacement, but then you are not doing anything with the variable.

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Instead of replacing InnerText, you can replace InnerXML

elem.InnerXml = elem.InnerXml.Replace(innerxml, modified);

and then call

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You need to call mainDocumentPart.Document.Save(); as the last line at the end of your using statement that opens the file. This will save any changes you made to the document while it has been opened.

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Thanks Amurra for your suggestion, – shishi Aug 9 '11 at 5:39
Amurra, I tried doing that but in vain ( see my above post mainDocumentPart.Document.Save(); is already commented because it was already tried by me ) – shishi Aug 9 '11 at 5:42
@shishi - Did you try calling the save after you do the mainDocumentPart.Document.Body.AppendChild<SdtBlock>(cloneSdkt); call? Where you where calling save will not alter the document since you have not appended the cloned elements back into the document. – amurra Aug 9 '11 at 10:46

i had same problem. my solution is first do the replacement and then cloning.

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You must use for loop instead of foreach loop and access to each element using it's indexer.

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