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I am using Telerik grid for mvc project , I want drop down list to be in the grid for four values , but I want first to choose the the dropdownlist to be present at inline edit mode and to be disabled at non edit mode here is my bound statement

 column.Bound(objUser => objUser.UserState)
                                    .Name("UserState<#= UserState #>")
                                    .BindTo(new SelectList(ProjectTest.Controllers.UserController.UserStateList().ToList()))
                                    .ToHtmlString().Replace("{", "{{").Replace("}", "}}")).Encoded(false)

        .Title("User State");
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I've been wrestling with this too. take a look at the link below, in which I asked the same type of question. In my case, I managed to get this working, but still have some questions about HOW I got it working. Anyway, I hope this helps ...

Telerik MVC Grid: How to use DropDownList in a column?

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