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I installed staticpub extension,but its not working.

this is my crawler configuration

tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets.test = &L=[0-5]
tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets.test {
    cHash = 1
    procInstrFilter = tx_indexedsearch_reindex, tx_indexedsearch_crawler 


 tx_crawler.crawlerCfg.paramSets {
  staticpub = &L=[|_TABLE:pages_language_overlay;_FIELD:sys_language_uid]
  staticpub.procInstrFilter = tx_staticpub_publish


I updated following lines in localconf.php also i created staticpub directory in root of my website.

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['staticpub']['publishDir'] = '_staticpub_/';

I found not record in tx_staticpub_pages table. Also no file in staticpub directory.

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Please don't use that feature! It's silly and useless and has been removed from TYPO3 for the upcoming version 4.6.

Please use e.g. EXT:nc_staticfilecache

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