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I am trying to get my profile information using my web app via Facebook's PERL API. (WWW:Facebook:API).

    my $sesh = param('sesh');
    my $exp = param('exp');

    print "Your sesh is $sesh <br>";
    my $client = WWW::Facebook::API->new(
            desktop => 0,
            api_key => $api_key,
            secret => $secret,
            session_uid => $uid,
            session_expires => $exp,
            session_key => $sesh

    my %out = $client->profile->get_info( uid => $uid);

This produces the error: Error during REST profile.getInfo call:

"...{"error_code":3,"error_msg":"Unknown method",...."

Am passing everything that is needed to the constuctor and am I calling the method correctly?

Thank you.

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this looks like a bug in the rest API and not a problem with your code (that seems fine to me), if you try to make the same call directly from the docs https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/rest/profile.getInfo/ you'll get the same error. You can even try in your browser https://api.facebook.com/method/profile.getInfo?uid=<USERID>&access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>&format=json and this is the answer

{"error_code":3,"error_msg":"Unknown method","request_args":[{"key":"method","value":"profile.getInfo"},{"key":"uid","value":"<USERID>"},{"key":"access_token","value":"<ACCESS_TOKEN"},{"key":"format","value":"json"}]}


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