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Hi, when I run the following BAT file, it doesn't wait for Wordpad to terminate. Notepad starts immediately. How can I make it wait? I am using 64-bit Windows 7.

REM Close notepad.
taskkill /im notepad.exe /f
REM Start Wordpad and wait until it terminates.
start /wait write.exe C:\Users\dell\Downloads\test.txt
REM Restart Notepad.
start notepad.exe C:\Users\dell\Downloads\test2.txt
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I think it is something about wordpad. I changed wordpad with iexplore and it is working fine now. – Olcay Ertaş Jul 29 '11 at 8:22
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A perfect question for procmon!

On my system (also Windows 7), write.exe actually starts up the wordpad.exe process and then exits. Since your "start /wait" is only waiting on write.exe, it returns as soon as write.exe exits.

procmon screen

If you do "start /wait wordpad.exe ...", it should indeed wait until wordpad exits.

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start /wait notepad && start wordpad

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