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String[] arrayOfString2 =(String[])0;

The above line shows type casting error. But i have copied it from some other program and there is no error there. What can i do?

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It's not possible. Are you sure the program from which you copied that is written in Java ? –  Mr. kbok Jul 29 '11 at 8:18
what are you actually trying to achieve here? an array of integers to an array of strings? –  Cshift3iLike Jul 29 '11 at 8:22

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It's not possible to cast an int (zero in your case) to an array of Strings. The other code was probably casting a variable o or less probably O to an array of Strings.

Try printing out the variable to a console to see what's its class and value to be sure if it can be casted to a certain type. Something like:

System.out.println("variable: " + var);
String[] arrayOfStrings = (String[])var;
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You can't cast an int to a String[] in Java. You never could and you never will be able to.

The reason for this is that Java has strong typing.

I don't believe that the other code compiled.

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This code is probably in Groovy, you can't do this in Java.

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You'll need to provide more information about what type of Object you're trying to cast to a String[].

As others have pointed out

String[] arrayOfString2 =(String[])0;

Won't work because you can't cast an int (in your case 0) to a String[].

Did you mean to write o and not 0 by any chance? If you did mean o and it was actually a String[] you should be able to cast it via the way you tried, that is the following will compile (although you would probably never want to declare the String[] as an Object only to cast it later).

Object o = new String[0];
String[] arrayOfString2 =(String[])o;

Although this isn't very useful because it has no space for any elements. Instead you might want

String[] arrayOfString2 = new String[sizeOfArray];
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This code, as already said, is not valid in Java.
It probably should be:

String[] arrayOfString2 = null;

just a guess, without knowing what this is for.

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