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I am using EclipseME to write MIDlet application.

I have deployed by right click on Project->J2ME->Create Package.

After that, I copied Jad and Jar files in Deploy folder to My phone.

For BlackBerry: When I run Jad file, it is installed successful. And run ok.

For Android: When I run jar file, it popup message "open file failed".

Please tell me how to deploy MIDlet app by using Eclipse for all cell phone that can run it.

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Android phones can't runt J2ME.

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Directly you can't run Java ME application on android. But You can use some alternative ways like App runner or J2ab.

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Thanks so much, I have done. – Levanphong7887 Jul 29 '11 at 9:51

For Android you should develop an application using android sdk. Better you read the android documentation. Search android in google. It will help you.

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