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template<class Concept> class OMAbstructContainer 
    friend class OMIterator<Concept> ;

    // ...

template<class Concept> class OMStaticArray :
            public OMAbstructContainer<Concept> {
    Concept *theLink;
    int count;

    void* AllocateMemory(int size);
    bool  ReleaseMemory(void* pMemory);
    // Constructor
    OMStaticArray(int size): count(0) 
        theLink = NULL;
        theLink = (Concept*) this->AllocateMemory(size); 

template<class Concept> class OMCollection :
    public OMStaticArray<Concept>{
    // Constructor
    OMCollection(int theSize=20):
      OMStaticArray<Concept>(theSize) { 
        size = theSize;

    // Destructor   
    ~OMCollection() { } // The link is delete in ~OMFixed()


Now i am using above collection as below

class MyVar
public :

    // Constructors and destructors:
    MyVar(int Index) { }

    // ...

OMCollection<MyVar*> m_pCollVars;

When i am runing above code in vxworks6.8 C++ compiler i am getting following error

error: instantiated from 'OMStaticArray<Concept>::OMStaticArray(int) [with Concept = MyVar*]'

I am facing lot of errors like above. The code used to compile fine using VxWorks 5.5 compiler.

I have following error error: instantiated from 'OMCollection::OMCollection(int) [with Concept = MyVar*]'

I am getting at following line: OMCollection(int theSize =DEFAULT_START_SIZE): OMStaticArray(theSize) { size = theSize; }

I have no clue why i am facing with these errors, can any one help me how this can be fixed.


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The part pasted is just pointing to where the error comes from, not what the actual error is. –  Georg Fritzsche Jul 29 '11 at 8:51
These are not errors, lines like that is a description of the instantiations that lead to an error. The actual error message should be somewhere above or below lines like that. –  visitor Jul 29 '11 at 9:15
You just added another non-error to the question. Show us an error that does not begin with "instantiated from". And mark the line where the error occurs. –  interjay Jul 29 '11 at 9:30
Or just paste all the error lines in one code block - for those code blocks you automatically get scrollbars if there is too much content. –  Georg Fritzsche Jul 29 '11 at 9:47

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There is no visible error from your question. One problematic thing I see is that you are instantiating OMStaticArray<Concept> where Concept = MyVar*; so,

Concept *theLink; ==> MyVar **theLink;

Now your AllocateMemory() returns void*;

Are you sure you want to convert void* into MyVar** ? Due to C-style casting you are not noticing that, but that statement is not convincing.

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If he wants a dynamically allocated buffer of pointers, he needs to have a pointer to the buffer somewhere - i.e. a pointer to pointer. –  Georg Fritzsche Jul 29 '11 at 9:20
@Georg, that's true but IMO less likely; that's why I am asking him, if that's really what he meant. –  iammilind Jul 29 '11 at 9:44

You are using IBM Rhapsody, right? The containers Rhapsody provides are "reference containers" but the template parameter should be the class you what the containers to contain pointers to, not a pointer to class.


class Foo {...};

OMColloction< Foo > myFooCollection;

Is what you want.

NB: all the Rhapsody containers must be instantiated with a class never a fundamental type, as 0 is a valid value for a fund type but the end-of-container marker for the reference containers.

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