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Maybe I'm blind but i can't find, in S3 documentation, the maximum file name length that can be uploaded in S3.

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No idea why this was closed as off topic. It's a perfect fit for the Q&A format. –  James McMahon Oct 16 '13 at 18:12

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As follows from the Amazon documentation,

These names are the object keys. The name for a key is a sequence of Unicode characters whose UTF-8 encoding is at most 1024 bytes long.

The max filename length is 1024 characters.

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If your language represents Unicode characters with 16 bits, this is ((1024 bytes * 8 bits/byte) / 16 bits/character) = 512 characters. But how to know what they use? –  Ben May 5 at 1:39
@Ben Unicode != UTF-8. UTF-8 is a way of encoding Unicode into a set of bits. For characters in the (7 bit) ASCII set, UTF-8 only uses 1 byte / 8 bits. For other characters it'll probably us 2 bytes but sometimes 3 or 4. So for file names that use exclusively ASCII characters, the max filename length will be 1024 characters. –  Josh Gallagher Jul 3 at 9:55

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