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Suppose I have selected a word in Visual mode. Now I want to search that word in the document. How can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

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presss y (you'll exit from visual mode after that) then press / Ctrl+r then " end hit enter

You can use it to bind double press / for this action

:vmap // y/<C-R>"<CR>   

If you select special chars you better use this

:vmap <silent> // y/<C-R>=escape(@", '\\/.*$^~[]')<CR><CR>
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This is a quick and dirty fix, but you'll only be able to depend on it for the simplest cases, because Vim's search field treats many characters as special (For example: the . character stands for anything, and <, ( and [ brackets all have special meanings). Handling the special cases requires a little bit of Vimscript, so you're better off installing a plugin as lucapette suggested. –  nelstrom Jul 29 '11 at 12:49
:vmap <silent> // y/<C-R>=escape(@", '\\/.*$^~[]')<CR><CR> –  hadvig Jul 29 '11 at 13:20

If it's just a single word, you don't even have to select it. Just place the cursor on the word and press * (or # to search backwards). Note that this search will only match the whole word. To allow a search for foo to match foobar, use g* or g#.

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I recommend https://github.com/thinca/vim-visualstar because you can use * for searching but with some selections you can run into problems.

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I use visual-star-search, which is similar, but seems to achieve the same result with a much simpler implementation. –  nelstrom Jul 29 '11 at 12:53
Oh @nelstrom nice to see you here! Thank you for pointing me that I'll give it a try. –  lucapette Jul 29 '11 at 12:59

I have this in my ~/.vimrc:

" Search for visually-selected text, forwards or backwards.
vnoremap <silent> * :<C-U>
  \let old_reg=getreg('"')<Bar>let old_regtype=getregtype('"')<CR>
  \escape(@", '/\.*$^~['), '\_s\+', '\\_s\\+', 'g')<CR><CR>
  \gV:call setreg('"', old_reg, old_regtype)<CR>
vnoremap <silent> # :<C-U>
  \let old_reg=getreg('"')<Bar>let old_regtype=getregtype('"')<CR>
  \escape(@", '?\.*$^~['), '\_s\+', '\\_s\\+', 'g')<CR><CR>
  \gV:call setreg('"', old_reg, old_regtype)<CR>
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