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I do a physical-to-virtual migration of BSD server with saving of IP address. The virtual host is Linux/KVM.

The setting is: I had a physical BSD server with failed Hardware. I just replaced it with new server, and its HW is too new to be used by BSD directly. So, I have Linux on new server and want to move the BSD into virtualization with KVM. I have full HDD dump of old server.

The problem is: I have only single real IP and I should use this IP both in guest and in host.

Usage of the IP in guest is because it is a mail server and I want Real IP to be used in mail headers. Usage of the IP in host is because I have no any other IP.

TCP and UDP Services of machines are: sshd of host at non-standard port; sshd of guest, smtp of guest, DNS-server of guest, POP3/IMAP of guest. Ports 22,25,53,110 will be just forwarded from host to guest using iptables. Outgoing SMTP, HTTP, FTP requests must be enabled from guest.

How should I configure KVM network and libvirt to achieve same IP usage in guest and in host?

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I understud your point now. I will wait an anwser as you –  Luis Siquot Aug 2 '11 at 21:22
Your question is off-topic on Stack Overflow, that probably explains why you're not getting answers. Server Fault, where I see you've also posted the question (don't do this — but here the question is squarely off-topic on SO) is the right venue. –  Gilles Aug 3 '11 at 9:53