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I have two vectors


which are coupled, I mean that they define a certain scalar field at a given position.

I want to select 1000 random items from A and plot them versus other the other 1000 B coupled items.

With this code


I select 1000 random values of A. For example they are A[1],A[50],A[49], etc.

How can I select B[1],B[50],B[49],etc. ?

I tried


but it returned just one value. What am I doing wrong?

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You can select indexes, not items:

rand = random.sample(range(len(A)), 1000)

Then you can use A[rand[i]] and B[rand[i]].

For all selected items:

A_rand = [A[x] for x in rand]
B_rand = [B[x] for x in rand]
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You can also couple them in beforehand with zip and then select the sample,

rand = random.sample(zip(A, B), 1000)

that way you will have a list with tuples.

For example [(A[1],B[1]),(A[50],B[50]),(A[49],B[49]),...]

Then to get A_rand and B_rand from that list you can unzip them with

A_rand, B_rand = zip(*rand)
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Edited to show how to unzip – Michael Brennan Jul 29 '11 at 10:32

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