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Could you please give me the list of parameters of this function and an example of usage

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IMHO jsTree is powerful, but documentation could be amazingly better.

The create_node function is documented here:

Be careful not interpreting the [] as a literal. They are just to indicate that the parameters are optional.

This works for jsTree version "pre 1.0 fixed":

var position = 'inside';
var parent = $('#your-tree').jstree('get_selected');
var newNode = { state: "open", data: "New nooooode!" };
    "create_node", parent, position, newNode, false, false);
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More recently, for version 3+:

var parent = '#';
var node = { id:123,text:"Hello world"};
$('#yourtree').jstree('create_node', parent, node, 'last');

Alternative syntax that seems to be working:

$('#yourtree').jstree().create_node(parent, node, 'last');

See documentation

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if create_node keeps returning false for you, try setting core.check_callback to true. – bublik42 Oct 20 '15 at 12:29

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