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how dll created out of c++ source and how it is used in other sources?

I need to call a c++ code, which get the PID/VID of the external device in my java code. I googled and some info. By converting the c++ code to a dll, I can use it in my java code. Any suggestion to how to convert my c++ code to a dll file.

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This question covers similar ground and does the same as I would do: tell you to Google for one of the tons of tutorials out there that explain this. –  Bart Jul 29 '11 at 10:29
I need to create a dll without using visual studio. Thats why I neglect that post. –  Manikandan Jul 29 '11 at 17:32

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What you are looking for is JNI (Java Native Interface).

Here is a link for compiling a dll using VC++ - http://www.tidytutorials.com/2009/07/java-native-interface-jni-example-using.html

and one using MinGW - http://www.mingw.org/node/41

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Find step by step process to make dll with VC++ here.

Also you need to use JNI for using c++ dll into your java project.

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