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It is well known that regular expressions are powerful. But it is also known that the syntax is a bit awkward.

For example, each time I use them, I find asking myself which of ^ and $ is the start of string (respectively end of string) metacharacter.

I know that a quick google search or a simple cheat sheet may answer this, but yet I wonder if anyone knows a good mnemonic tip.

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This is what I can come up with: Starts small ends big.

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I don't know a help for those anchors, but as long as you operate on the whole string and don't use the multi line modifier m (depends on your regex flavor) you can use in most flavors \A and \z (or \Z) for the same purpose.

Those are more intuitive to use, A us the start and Z is the end.

\A The beginning of the input
\Z The end of the input but for the final terminator, if any
\z The end of the input

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