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i am developing a windows phone 7 application.

I want to have a search textbox where it search some data when the search keyword is given.

i want to implement voice search like bing have.

Anyone have idea how to do it?

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Currently there is no library for speech recognition on WP7 but you can use speech recognition through a service.

You can find here an example on how to use speech recognition on Windows Phone 7 through a service:

Windows Phone 7 Prototype 001: Speech Recognition on WP7

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Links are unavailable, so this comment is useless. That's why you should include code snippets in comments. –  André Fiedler Sep 22 '14 at 7:11

There's no public API available for this yet. You can register at Microsoft Tellme to get information on when it's done.

Also take a look at Microsoft Project Hawaii.

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Has there been any updates on Tellme's API? Their website is quite vague. I see SAPI, but there's not mention of using it for Windows Phone.


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