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I have a string like abcdef(1)ghijkllskjdflkjsdfsdf(2)aslkdjfjgls(3)jgjgjkdkgkdll

I want to split it into n number of lines depending on occurences of (n) in the string.

For example in above string, following is acheived :

lines [0] = abcdef
lines [1] = ghijkllskjdflkjsdfsdf
lines [2] = aslkdjfjgls
lines [3] = jgjgjkdkgkdll.

What i am trying is :

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

var pattern = @"((.*))"; 

string[] lines = Regex.Split(text,pattern);

foreach (string line in lines)

string FinalText = sb.ToString();

Can anyone help with C# regular expressions or string split function ?

Thank you.

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for future RegEx generation: txt2re.com/index-csharp.php3 –  user195488 Jul 29 '11 at 12:06

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string pattern = @"\(\d+\)";
string[] lines = Regex.Split(text,pattern);
string finalText = String.Join(Environment.NewLine, lines);
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The follow regex will match your numbered brackets:


Your usage of Regex.Split is correct, so I do not know why you need help with that!?

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