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In my visual C++ code I have introduced a __debugbreak statement for triggering a breakpoint. I have compiled the project with /CLR option. But it does not trigger a breakpoint during execution. Why does this happen? Please help before I shoot myself. This in on 64 bit executable.

Edit: I tried with DebugBreak() statement now and it is now hanging forever, not sure at which statement. The dll is used by a server program, which I'm accessing from a client on a different machine. Is this what is causing the problem? Should I be running it from the server machine itself? I expected it to atleast report a message about a breakpoint being triggered, even if it could not successfully launch the debugger session on the client machine. The .pdb file is avaialable on the server at the same location as the dll.

Update: I just tried ran the client program on the server machine itself, but still the DebugBreak() causes an infinite hanging. The debugger session does not get launched.

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I use this code in C#, maybe you can adapt it for C++

var endTime = DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(30);
while (!System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached && DateTime.Now < endTime)

if (System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached)
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Why cannot you use F9 (Breakpoint) from within the debugger? A DebugBreak(); should work however.

If DLL/EXE cannot be loaded directly, you may "Attach To Process" from "Debug" menu (Hope you are using Visual Studio).

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