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I'm creating a Grails application which makes use of the Atmosphere plugin to push data to the browser. However I'm having trouble in creating a broadcast channel to a single user (the session's user). My code is has follows:


static atmosphere = [mapping: '/atmosphere/recommend']

def onRequest = { event ->
    def request = event.request
    def response = event.response


    def broadcaster = event.broadcaster
    request.session.broadcaster = broadcaster
    broadcaster.broadcasterConfig.addFilter(new XSSHtmlFilter())     

def onStateChange = { event ->

    if (!event.message) return

    event.resource.response.writer.with {
        write "<script>parent.callback('${event.message}');</script>"


def builder = new JSONBuilder()
    def jsonResult = builder.build{
                            artist = artistInstance
                            location = {
                                lat = eventInstance.location.lat
                                lng = eventInstance.location.lng


This solution broadcasts the jsonResult to every user. What I want to achieve is to broadcast only for the current user. Any ideas? If you need more details just let me know.


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looks like this is similar to what you want no ? stackoverflow.com/questions/4543831/… –  Nicolas Modrzyk Jul 30 '11 at 1:30

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I thinks you can use session to share the onRequest's event.


then in controller :

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When you define your events in grails, you can filter out cients by using a browserFilter closure.

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Hey you can make use of the uuid which is assigned to each Atmosphere Resource. To retrieve the suspended uuid based on an Atmosphere Request you can do:
String suspendedUUID = (String)req.getAttribute(ApplicationConfig.SUSPENDED_ATMOSPHERE_RESOURCE_UUID);

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you can pass the session

session.broadcaster.broadcast(jsonResult, AtmosphereResource). See this API.

-- Jeanfrancois (Atmosphere's Creator)

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