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What are some useful shortcuts in Eclipse?

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My favorite: Ctrl+2, R to rename all instances of a variable in a class.

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ctrl + shift + / to minimize all folding block.

ctrl + shift + * to expand all folding blocks.

Of course you have to have folding enabled :D

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I love editing ones.

Ctrl + Shift + M = Add import
Ctrl + Shift + F = Reformat (the best)
Ctrl + Shift + O = Organize Imports
Ctrl + / = Comment
Ctrl + \ = UnComment
Ctrl + I = Correct indentation

Also this ones handy.

F3 = Goto declaration

A Whole List can be found here --> Eclipse Shortcuts

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you can use the kbd html tag. – Daniel A. White Jul 29 '11 at 12:45

Some of My favorite shortcuts :

1) ctrl + Shift + R //Open Resource

2) ctrl + Shift + / and \ //For Add Block and Remove Comment.

3) ctrl + Shift + O //For Auto import of packages.

4)ctrl + 7 //For inline comments.

5)Ctrl + Shift + F // Reformatting

6)ctrl + Space //Off course for intelligence

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Ones I use most often

Ctrl + space auto complete.

Ctrl + / to comment a line/block

sysout to expand to system.out.println();

syserr to expand to system.err.println();

F3 for go to declaration

F4 to display hierachy

and select text and press Ctrl + Arrow UP/down, try it

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This picture short cut for Eclipse will helps.It gathers most of short cuts in Eclipse in categories.Certainly it has what your want.

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awesome dude =) – Valter Henrique Jul 29 '11 at 13:15

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