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searching for a solution for this quite a long time:

I have a contact form. Every time somebody sends a mail through it, a ContactEvent(receiver, senderIpAddress) is issued to Esper. Now, I would like Esper to inform me, when a specific Ip Address issues more than 50 contact events in 10 minutes.

Syntax Errors in code below are due to code simplification

create window min) as select ipAddress, mail from ContactEvent 

then I populate it like this:

insert into ContactWindow select ipAddress, mail from ContactEvent";

Eventually, there is an eventlistener on something like this:

select ip, count(ip) as cnt from ContactWindow  group by ip

Which actually works. It's not exactly what I would want tough, as my statement listener is issued each time, an ip addresse's message count changes. ("IP X has sent 43 messages the last 10 minutes", "IP X has sent 44 messages the last 10 minutes",...) I'd only like to get one event telling me "IP X is over 50 messages in the last 10 minutes" and another one telling me, that it has dropped below that border now.

Is there a way to get this to work?

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Maybe add a having clause. In your example

select ip, count(ip) as cnt from ContactWindow  group by ip having count(ip)>50
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