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I have the following piece of code:

Dim objexcel1 As excel.Application
Dim wbexcel1 As excel.Workbook
Dim objSht1 As excel.Worksheet
Set objexcel1 = CreateObject("excel.Application")
'objexcel1.Visible = True 'Remove excel visibilty at start

Set wbexcel1 = objexcel1.Workbooks.Open("C:\CARS.xls")
Set objSht1 = wbexcel1.Worksheets("car")


ActiveChart.chartType = xlXYScatter

I need to run this code twice. When I run it first it runs properly but on the second run it gives me an error 1004 on Columns("A:B").Select

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yes i got it i need to add references.

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Please expand on your answer. What references do you need to add? Where? What does the fixed code look like? –  Day Aug 3 '11 at 0:54
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