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In KornShell (ksh), I have a script that calls a list of scripts. The callee script needs to know its file name, so that it can generate unique configuration (or anything should be unique).

The problem is variable $0 always points to the caller script. For example, we have two scripts:


. callee.sh


echo $0

When I execute caller.sh, the callee.sh print "caller.sh", not "callee.sh". So how can I get the script file name of current running script?

The script is running on AIX servers, so bash is not available all the time.

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It's because you are sourcing callee.sh, i.e. . callee.sh.

So if you can just execute callee.sh (and you don't need environment variables that are set in callee.sh to be active in caller.sh,) change your caller scritpt to


I hate to say it, but I think the ksh people would say 'Working as designed'.

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The reason I source the callee.sh is I need to call the function in callee.sh from caller.sh. Finally I pass the file name to callee.sh, not getting it from outside. –  aquaop Aug 2 '11 at 15:19

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