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I got a div with a links to gallery pictures which are generated by a script. There are -let say x numbers of links + 20 which are alwas generated by the script. So every of the link has a # and number. Like www.example.com/#1. So in a gallery I can have e.g 5 pictures which will have #1 #2 #3,etc and those 20 that are always generated with the number starting in this case from #6 #7 till 26#.

So my question is how to find with jQuery those last twenty url's and remove # from them.


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what have you tried?? –  abhijit Jul 29 '11 at 14:04

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var start = $("div a").length - 21;
start = start < 0 ? 0 : start;

$("div a:gt(" + start + ")[href^='#']").each(function() {
    var $a = $(this);
    $a.attr("href", $a.attr("href").replace("#", ""));

working example: http://jsfiddle.net/958ea/2/


var start = $("div a").length - 21; will set start to the total number of a tags minus 21. 20 + 1 since length is the total count but we need the 0-based index.

So if there were 500 anchor tags start would be equal to 479;

start = start < 0 ? 0 : start; will reset start to 0 if somehow there weren't 20 a tags present. For this example this probably isn't necessary, but a nice check so things don't break.

Then we loop through the a tags using this selector: "div a:gt(" + start + ")[href^='#']" which is going to select all a tags with an index greater than the value of start (which in my example is index = 10 which is <a href="#11">). Next it further filters on a tags that start-with #. This might also be unnecessary but is another good thing to check.

Finally the # character in href is replaced with the empty string ""

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wow, thanks man :) and thanks for the visualization :D –  altheris Jul 29 '11 at 14:25
That looks to find the all links after the 20th link, not the last 20 like the description says. In the description he says that links #6-#26 were the ones that needed to be changed. –  Danny Jul 29 '11 at 14:30
@user - it doesn't do what you think. check out the example and you will see that it has selected the last 20 anchor tags –  hunter Jul 29 '11 at 14:35
@user the example selects the last 20. The OP miscalculated. #6 to #26 would be 21 items, not 20. Should be #7-#26 or #6-#25 –  hunter Jul 29 '11 at 14:54
$("div > a").each(function() {
    var linkURL = $(this).attr("href");
    var newURL = linkURL.replace("#", "");
    //Do something with newURL here.
    //eg. to assign it the new url:
    //$(this).attr("href", newURL);

This will target every div with anchor tags in it, so if you have more than one, give the div an id and target it like this instead

$("#theIdYouChose > a").each(function() {
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If you replace "#" with "" in an anchor it doesnt appear as a link in most of the browser. Try this

var lastAnchor = $("div a[href='#']:last"), count = 0;
while(count++ <= 20){
   lastAnchor  = lastAnchor.attr("href", "javascript:void(0)").prev("a[href='#']");
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Look at jQuery nth-child. Just from reading it should look something like

$('body > a:nth-child(n+20)').each(function() {
    var _href = $(this).attr("href").replace("#","");
    $(this).attr("href", _href);

Edit: Nevermind... this will select all links after the 20th link. Not what you want.

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Building on the answer above you can simplify things a bit:

$.each(("div a[href^='#']").slice(-20), function() {
    var $a = $(this);
    $a.attr("href", $a.attr("href").replace("#", ""));

slice(-20) will grab the last 20 elements of the array.

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