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I have this NSString:

NSString *test = @"three is a number";

I want to check if this NSString begin with "three"

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Try using the hasPrefix method:

if([test hasPrefix:@"three"])
  // Begins with three
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For a more general approach, get a relevant substring, and compare it with the desired result.

if ([[test substringWithRange:NSMakeRange(0,5)] caseInsensitiveCompare:@"three"] == NSOrderedSame) {
     // ....
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It's done by

if([test hasPrefix:@"three"]){

General answer: whenever you want to check if NSString (or any Apple-provided class,) look up the official documentation! In this case, see here. You see, there's not only StackOverflow on the internet, there's the official documentation!

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You need to use the following:

if ([test hasPrefix:@"three"])
  // if YES
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