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Why can't .attr() change the value of value?

$("input").attr("value") = "New text";

See also a live jsfiddle example

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In general: Because the value attribute sets the default value, not the current value. Use the val() method instead.

$("input").val("New text");

In your specific case (because the value hasn't be changed by the user): because the attr method doesn't give you something you can assign a value to (and can't be written in such a way as would allow you to). It takes two arguments, the second of which is the value you want to assign.

$("input").attr("value", "New text");
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Replace $("input").attr("value") = "New text";

with $("input").attr("value","New text");

attr( attributeName, value )

That is the proper signature for attr

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You should do

$("input").val("New text");
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This code may help you :

 $("input").attr(attributName , valueYouWantToGiveToTheAttribute)
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