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I really need help since i can't figure it out please. In a website i am using extJS library and it works if i add 10 seconds delay on showing the message.


In Admin section, User clicks save button and the ext displays a message "Saving your changes" using this command "Ext.info('Saving', 'Saving your changes...')" . This message displays for 2/3 seconds only and i need it to be there for 10 seconds.

I have tried myself and can't figure out how/where to change it.

Anyone please help...

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Ext.Msg.wait('Saving', 'Saving your changes...', {
    duration: 10000

With that said, why make the user wait for 10 seconds arbitrarily? I hope there's a very good reason for that...

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you could also try the following:

Ext.Msg.wait('saving tables to disk...','File Copy');
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Just a stab in the dark, But maybe look for a setInterval("code()", 3000) or setTimeout("code()",3000) and change it to 10000

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