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I have a WCF/REST Web Service that I'm trying to add a global exception handler to. I'm looking for something similar to the Application_Error event in a standard .NET website.

I've found lots of info about using IErrorHandler and IServiceBehavior like what's detailed here:

That seems like what I need, but every example I've found assumes that the service is defined in the web.config. I'm not doing that - I'm using RouteTables, configured in the global.asax, like so:

 public class Global : HttpApplication
    void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

    private void RegisterRoutes()
        // Edit the base address of Service1 by replacing the "Service1" string below

        RouteTable.Routes.Add(new ServiceRoute("", new WebServiceHost2Factory(), typeof(myService)));


So, given that, how do I configure my custom IErrorHandler and IServiceBehavior? Am I even on the right track, given that I'm using a RouteTable rather than configuring it via the web.config? I'm very new to WCF....

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The wiring up of your IServiceBehaviour can be achieved by creating a custom WebServiceHostFactory that overrides CreateServiceHost.

For example if you have a class GlobalErrorHandlerBehaviour which implements IServiceBehavior, then you could wire it up as follows:

public class CustomWebServiceHostFactory : WebServiceHostFactory
    protected override ServiceHost CreateServiceHost(System.Type serviceType, System.Uri[] baseAddresses)
        return ApplyGlobalErrorHandler(base.CreateServiceHost(serviceType, baseAddresses));

    private ServiceHost ApplyGlobalErrorHandler(ServiceHost serviceHost)
        serviceHost.Description.Behaviors.Add(new GlobalErrorHandlerBehaviour());
        return serviceHost;

You would then update your call to the ServiceRoute constructor to pass in this custom factory.

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This is the correct answer. Please give this guy all the points! :) – Yoh Suzuki May 31 '12 at 20:14

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