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In jQuery I can use live() to add event listeners, even for elements that don't exist yet:

jQuery('a[href*="/item/"]', pageContent).live('click', preLoadAjaxPage);

Does Closure Library have an equivalent?

goog.events.EventType doesn't have any "DOM change" event, so I can not do goog.events.listen(goog.dom.getDocument(), goog.events.EventType.DOM_CHANGE, addEventListenersAgain) or similar.

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You could just do what .live is doing: register an event handler at the root. –  Felix Kling Jul 29 '11 at 16:34

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I followed @Felix Kling's suggestion and registered the event handler at root:

goog.events.listen(document.body, goog.events.EventType.CLICK,
     * @param {goog.events.BrowserEvent} event
    function(event) {
        var realEvent = event.event_;
        var el = /** @type {HTMLAnchorElement} */ (event).target;

        if (el.tagName.toLowerCase() == 'a' && (href matches pattern)) {
            // ...
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