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When I create Records from a CSV file, Activerecord can't find them with Record#find_by. If I create a Record through the rails console, it works as expected. Here's my code for creating through CSV:

def create
  file = params[:record][:file].tempfile

  CSV.foreach file, :headers => true, :header_converters => :symbol do |row|
    Record.create row.to_hash

  redirect_to records_url

Here are some examples from the console:

> Record.find_by_email "matching@asd.asd" 
=> nil     # Should return record created through the CSV file

> Record.create :email => "matching@asd.asd"
> Record.find_by_email "matching@asd.asd"
=> <Record id: 4, email: "matching@asd.asd">
> Record.find_all_by_email "matching@asd.asd"
=> [<Record id: 4, email: "matching@asd.asd">]    # Should return both

Any help would be appreciated. I'm on Rails 3.1rc5 if it matters.


Updated with rows.to_hash output

As requested, the output from debugging rows.to_hash:

{:email=>"Matching@asd.asd", :first_name=>"First", :last_name=>"Last"}
{:email=>"Notmatching@asd.asd", :first_name=>"Matching", :last_name=>"Name"}
{:email=>"asdasdasdasd@asd.asd", :first_name=>"asd", :last_name=>"asd"}

Another example from the console, which furthers my confusion:

> Record.find 14    # Record created by CSV
=> <Record id: 14, first_name: "First", last_name: "Last", email: "Matching@asd.asd", created_at: "2011-07-29 18:03:25", updated_at: "2011-07-29 18:03:25">
> Record.find(14).email
=> "Matching@asd.asd"
> Record.find_by_email Record.find(14).email
=> nil


Updated with SQL output

SQL generated by Record.find_by_email Record.find(14).email:

Record Load (0.3ms)  SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."id" = ? LIMIT 1  [["id", 14]]
Record Load (0.3ms)  SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."email" = 'Matching@asd.asd' LIMIT 1


Trying out the SQLite console

sqlite> SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."email" = 'Matching@asd.asd' LIMIT 1;
# This one should have returned the CSV record, but it returns nothing
sqlite> SELECT "records".* FROM "records" WHERE "records"."email" = 'nomatch@asd.asd' LIMIT 1;
5|2|match|this|nomatch@asd.asd|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972


Adding model code, query results, CSV input

Possibly the most exciting model known to man:

class Record < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :email, :first_name, :last_name, :file
  attr_accessor :file

More results from the query:

sqlite> select * from records;
5|2|match|this|nomatch@asd.asd|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972|2011-07-29 17:13:13.821972
9|3|first|last||2011-07-29 17:56:50.471766|2011-07-29 17:56:50.471766
10|6|first|last||2011-07-29 17:56:54.917432|2011-07-29 17:56:54.917432
17||First|Last|Matching@asd.asd|2011-07-29 19:43:23.843188|2011-07-29 19:43:23.843188
18||Matching|Name|Notmatching@asd.asd|2011-07-29 19:43:23.849001|2011-07-29 19:43:23.849001
19||asd|asd|asdasdasdasd@asd.asd|2011-07-29 19:43:23.852037|2011-07-29 19:43:23.852037

For good measure, the test CSV file:

email,first name,last name
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Please debug what row.to_hash contains inside the loop. logger.info row.to_hash. –  Casper Jul 29 '11 at 17:43
@Casper: I edited the question with results from logger.info row.to_hash and another example. Hope it helps. –  Nathan Jul 29 '11 at 18:13
Hmm. Add more debugging to the console: ActiveRecord::Base.logger = Logger.new(STDOUT). What SQL does it generate for Record.find_by_email Record.find(14).email? –  Casper Jul 29 '11 at 18:32
I added the SQL statements to my question. Thanks for helping me out with this. –  Nathan Jul 29 '11 at 18:46
What DB are you using? Can you go to the console of the DB and run the same SQL query there?..Everything looks OK so far. No clue why your Record class is not being returned. Do you have any special code in your Record model? –  Casper Jul 29 '11 at 18:59

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Here is your problem. Remove all attr_* lines from your Record model. All ActiveRecord database fields are accessible by default. By adding attr fields you are effectively overwriting the default Rails accessors and that's why everything is acting weird.

Lesson to learn: when you think you have "nothing interesting" in your model...be very suspicious :) Good luck. Removing those lines should fix everything.

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Ah, if only it was that easy. I went ahead and tested it out on a stable 3.0.9 app and blank 3.1.0rc5 app like you suggested. Using Record.find_by_email works as expected on the 3.0.9 app. So it looks like my problem lies in the release candidate. Thanks again for helping me through this. Off to the bug tracker I go. –  Nathan Jul 29 '11 at 21:27
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It turned out to be an encoding problem.

The email, first name and last name were thrown into SQLite as blobs, which I guess causes a problem or two. Adding :encoding => 'u' as an option for CSV.foreach fixed everything up.

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It works better to use :encoding => 'UTF-8'. –  Nathan Aug 24 '11 at 18:24

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