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I'm trying to use the Email component. THe problem is that, after sending, I get a warning like undefined constant DATE_RFC2822.... Besides, the emails are received with a 12/31/1969 7:00 PM date on them.

I've done some research and apparently ([Cakephp] Use of undefined constant DATE_RFC2822) PHP 4 does not support it, which is the one currently in use in the web server I'm using.

The thing is that in the Control Panel of the webserver there's an option to change the Global PHP version to 5. However, there are many other websites hosted in the same server, so I'm afraid of changing that from 4 to 5 and screwing stuff up. Is that a real risk?

Or better yet, is there any way to fix the date issue without changing the PHP version? I don't see where I could manually add the correct time to the email that I'm sending with the Email component.

Any ideas?

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I know this is not the answer you are looking for and you've probably heard it here already, but there really is no excuse to not be using PHP 5 in Q3 2011.

However, as it is just a constant, you could just define it yourself in your bootstrap.php:

define('DATE_RFC2822', date('D, j M Y H:i:s O')); // Sun, 14 Aug 2005 16:13:03 +0000
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+1 If you wrap that in an if (!defined('DATE_RFC2822')) it's completely transparently portable. –  deceze Jul 29 '11 at 23:44
Ok, I'll try that! What about my question about changing the PHP version from 4 to 5? Should that be fine? Or is there any risk that something that was working in PHP 4 won't work anymore in PHP 5? –  Albert Jul 30 '11 at 1:32
You will be fine upgrading to PHP with Cake 1.3, I myself have 5.3.6 on my server. I'd recommend upgrading over this work around. –  Dunhamzzz Jul 30 '11 at 11:23
Ok, but I'm not so worried for the website I'm making, but for all the other websites that are hosted in the same server, which have a lot of PHP code as well... So if those websites are made using PHP 4, is it possible that something stops working properly if I upgrade to PHP 5? Or is it full backwards compatible? –  Albert Jul 31 '11 at 14:53
@Albert, I would google/start a new question about that! –  Dunhamzzz Jul 31 '11 at 21:32

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