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I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about whether or not it was possible to have a canvas element on a page with a path along it and making some text travel along it and rotating as the path bends.

My current thought is to write a formula that determines the increment X step (so if its moving vertically, not to increase it by one to avoid sudden jumps), using that to get a Y value, and then a formula to work out the current gradient of the part of the line its on and use that to apply a rotation.

Any thoughts on this?

I want to use it as a funky way of showing a twitter feed on a website, already written a library that scrolls it along, but this is a bit boring.

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also, any ideas on the formula to determine how much to increase the x by would be great :D – topherg Jul 29 '11 at 17:16
This could also be helpful in relation to canvas: – jezza-tan Jul 29 '11 at 17:19
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I believe it would be possible because of the sheer amount of things that you can do with canvas especially after seeing what has already been done. I'd suggest taking a look at this and this. I think the hardest part would be making sure that the text actually follows the path because both paths and transformations are easy.

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Just use a div which animates and rotates.

Try looking into this and this

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