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I have a problem.

I have three tables in MySQL, one contains tags, one contains posts and the third one links tags and posts using ids.

When I add a post that contains tags, I insert the tags and then I make the links between tables. Now I have two parent tables (tags and posts) and one child that links them.

My objective: when I delete a post, I want to delete all the links between tags and posts and I also want to remove the tags that are not linked with other posts but depended on the post that I deleted.

Here are my tables. I know that they are not linked well. I though that if I make posts parent for posts_tags and posts_tags parent for tags would solve my problem but in case of detele on cascade from posts, tags will also be deleted. I want them deleted only if there are no links between them and other posts.

I forgot to mention that I encountered this problem using zend framework and I still need to solve it winth zend.

Field       Type         Null    Default    Comments
id          int(11)      No           
title       varchar(200) No           
description longtext     No           
address     varchar(100) No           
added       datetime     No           

Field     Type      Null    Default    Links to       Comments
id_tag    int(11)    No     0          etichete -> id      
id_post   int(11)    No     0          turism -> id      

Field    Type         Null    Default    Comments
id       int(11)      No           
name     varchar(50)  No


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"classical queries" - trouble is only in your mind. if you can write raw sql and know what are you doing - somtimes it is a fastest way to catch a prize :) i dont use raw sql at all, for last 10 years. but application architecture and design is my hobby :) from small ishop to 1k concurrent clients datastore –  SMka Jul 29 '11 at 18:06
mapper is a step to SOA - its really a 'service' job to return that data(object,array, etc...) what app expect. –  SMka Jul 29 '11 at 18:30
and do not forget "accept" answer, if so. –  SMka Jul 29 '11 at 18:48
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you need more powerfull DB abstraction layer. look at http://www.doctrine-project.org/ for example.

Zend_Db is really good. my cli/cron scripts are often uses it as secondary db layer, but if you need more, u have to use other tools or write(construct) sql by hands. it is possible to do with zend_db - 3 or more queries... but...

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Beside this topic, I would like to know if there is a problem using classical queries treated with zend instead of using Zend_Db_Table. And also, is there any problem in getting all data together in posts mapper? –  tzortzik Jul 29 '11 at 17:58
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have you tried to use protected $_dependentTables and protected $_referenceMap ? here is the link http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.db.table.relationships.html and here is an example

class Model_DettagliOrdine extends Gestionale_Model_Abstract_Crud

    protected $_name = 'dettagli_ordine';//zend by default assumes table name = class names, we ovveride it
    protected $_primary = 'id';//primary key
    protected $_dependentTables = array('Model_DettagliScontoMerce');//per far si che se cancelliamo qui si cancella anche dall'altra tabella

    protected $_referenceMap = array(

    // rule name
        'Ordine' => array(
            'columns'       => 'ordine_id',     // this column
            'refTableClass' => 'Model_Ordine',  // references that table object
            'refColumns'    => 'id',                   // and references that column
            'onDelete' => self::RESTRICT,
            'onUpdate' => self::CASCADE
        'Prodotto' => array(
            'columns'       => 'prodotto_id',     // this column
            'refTableClass' => 'Model_Prodotto',  // references that table object
            'refColumns'    => 'id',                   // and references that column
            'onDelete' => self::RESTRICT,
            'onUpdate' => self::CASCADE


for the delete stuff, you're gonna need a custom delete function with something like this

// find the row that matches the id
        $current = $this->find($id)->current();
        if (empty($current) || !is_a($current, 'Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract'))
            throw new Exception("errore cancellazione riga non trovata");//da tradurre in view o in controller

        //controlla che non ci sono dipendenze
        $dependent = $this->_dependentTables;
        foreach($dependent as $used_by)
            $depends_on = $this->find($id)->current()->findDependentRowset($used_by)->toArray();
            if (!empty($depends_on))
                //$view = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->getParam('bootstrap')->getResource('view');
                //$errore[] = $view->translate('la riga che si vuole cancellare è in uso da un altra tabella', $used_by);
                //throw new Exception($errore);
                throw new Exception("la riga che si vuole cancellare è in uso da un altra tabella");
//      if (!empty($errore))
//          throw new Exception(implode("<br \>\n", $errore));

        $ok = $current->delete();
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