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I'm using the Cacti script/command method to collect data. I have a perl script that connects to an Oracle database and returns two numbers. This script works perfectly when run on the command line (Unix).

For this perl script to work properly I have to define several environment variables so that it is able to connect to Oracle.

$ENV{ORACLE_HOME} = ...etc...

But - when I create a data input method in Cacti to run this perl script... I recieve an error stating that it is unable to find the DBD/Oracle.pm. (This is because the environment variables are not being set by Perl).

Does anyone know why the ENV variables are set properly when I run this on command line?

But they are not able to be set when run by Cacti?

By the way - Cacti is running the perl script as root.

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Could you tell us where your Oracle.pm is located and show us the script? –  matthias krull Jul 29 '11 at 23:21
$ORACLE_HOME does not affect perl's ability to find DBD/Oracle.pm. If use DBD::Oracle reports Cant' locate DBD/ORacle.pm in ..., then @INC is not set up correctly. Have a look at your settings for the environment variables $PERL5LIB and $PERLLIB which affect the initial setting of @INC. In general, I've found that once DBD::Oracle has been installed, it is not necessary to set $ORACLE_HOME in order to use it. –  perlman Aug 1 '11 at 5:10
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The issue ended up being that Root did not have read access to the Oracle.pm.

Once I stopped looking into the ENV variables being the problem... the permissions were the next obvious issue.

Thanks for your help in the comments.

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