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I run ejabberd and bot written in erlang/exmpp. I connect to this bot some jabber clients. How can i catch client disconnect?

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What you mean by catch? For debugging add ?DEBUG in ejabberd_sm:close_session. For tracing dbg over ejabberd_c2s:terminate and the same ejabberd_sm:close_session. For application call subscribe to sm_remove_connection_hook. Maybe implement your own hook and use custom one?

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Client send message to bot and bot send message to client, then client go to offline, how can i catch this moment and know client JID which go to offline? – 0xAX Jul 30 '11 at 5:11

I do not really know If I understood you right, but if you have the power to make the clients send a directed presence to the bot, when users go off-line then the server will send notification of the disconnect to the bot.

You can find some documentation in RFC 3921 here's a litle extract.

5.1.4. Directed Presence

A user MAY send directed presence to another entity (i.e., a presence stanza with a 'to' attribute whose value is the JID of the other entity and with either no 'type' attribute or a 'type' attribute whose value is "unavailable"). There are three possible cases:

  1. ...
  2. If the user sends directed presence to an entity that is not in the user's roster with a subscription type of "from" or "both" after having sent initial presence and before sending unavailable presence broadcast, the user's server MUST route or deliver the full XML of that presence stanza to the entityv(...); however, if the available resource from which the user sent the directed presence become unavailable, the user's server MUST broadcast that unavailable presence to the entity (if the user has not yet sent directed unavailable presence to that entity).
  3. ...

Hope this help.

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I think you are trying to check when user closes c2s connection rather than checking when user sends offline stanza, you can edit and customize ejabberd_c2s.erl for this purpose. Inside ejabber_c2s the function which deals with disconnect is terminate/3 (line # 1425) and you can find the jabber id of client quite easily.

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