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I am getting this error ,

ERROR/WindowManager(451): Activity com.andro.pbk.PhotoGallery has leaked window com.android.internal.policy.impl.PhoneWindow$DecorView@4050bbe8 that was originally added here

can any body let me know why it occur and how can avoid this?

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show your code... Think you are trying to access the ui element where it should not be used... –  Dinash Jul 29 '11 at 18:21
this usually happens when there is something attached to an activity. the activity gets finished but that object is still there. an example would be a progress dialog that doesn't have cancel() called before its parent activity is finished or goes on pause. –  Kevin Qiu Jul 29 '11 at 21:12
@Kevin Qiu : yes same Kevin...i am getting error with progress dialog.but I already close instance of progress dialog b4 finish activity. –  Shubh Jul 30 '11 at 8:15
do you close it before the next activity is called or on onpause/ondestroy? –  Kevin Qiu Jul 31 '11 at 23:40
@kevinQui : no..after finishing my progress bar thread ..i finish my activity. –  Shubh Aug 1 '11 at 5:59

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