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I want to add support for "FOR UPDATE NOWAIT" to select statements with ->select(..., { for => 'update_nowait' }) (for Oracle).

I'm using DBIx::Class 0.08127

I can modify DBIx/Class/SQLMaker/Oracle.pm, but I was wondering if there is another (preferred) way, especially if it doesn't involve modifying distribution files.

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If you know how to fix it by altering the distribution, why not submit a patch? I'm sure it would be gratefully received! –  cubabit Aug 11 '11 at 15:41
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Modifying DBix::Class::SQLMaker::Oracle is the way I've done it.

Just include your modified module in a directory that occurs before the directory containing the DBIx Class distribution in @INC.

The modification to DBIx/Class/SQLMaker/Oracle.pm is to add these lines:

my $for_syntax = {
  update => 'FOR UPDATE',
  shared => 'FOR SHARE',
  update_nowait => 'FOR UDPATE NOWAIT',

sub _lock_select {
  my ($self, $type) = @_;
  my $sql = $for_syntax->{$type} || croak "Unknown SELECT ... FOR type '$type' requested";
  return " $sql";

Now if $for_syntax were a method call instead of a lexical you wouldn't have to repeat the definition of _lock_select. Something to consider if you want to submit a patch.

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