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Given a query string from x-www-form-urlencoded form data.


I'd like to translate it into a Python dict such as

{'data': {'foo': 'bar', 'bar': 'baz'}}

Or something close to that. Basically, something akin to the way this form data would be handled in PHP's $_POST variable:

    [data] => Array
            [foo] => bar
            [bar] => baz


But urlparse.parse_qs() just gives me:

{'data[bar]': ['baz'], 'data[foo]': ['bar']}

It's not the end of the world. I can easily call the values from the dict as data[bar] or whatever. I guess I'm just a bit surprised that there isn't a module that performs this kind of parsing, at least that I could find. Does anybody know of one?

Bonus question: Is there perhaps a reason why such a library does not exist in Python, e.g. that PHP's translation of form data into a multiple layer array is wrong somehow?

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  • PHP automatically decodes indexed form variables to deep level arrays. PHP doc
  • This is php feature, not a http or web standard.
  • Because there is no common "Array" structure defines in HTTP RFC.
  • And, using [] or other non-alphanumeric characters for key-string is really a bad habit

So, we'd better just use flat key=value format

  • Or try code/decode multi-level arrays by user-define data format (as PHP does), for both client and server sides.
  • if u offer a http api with this user-defined format, u have to explain a lot to your customers.
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