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I have a model that looks like:

class Article {
  List<String> tags;
  List<String> categories;

XStream serializes to XML that looks like:


My question is how can I make it so that <string>foo</string> becomes <tag>foo<tag> and <string>bar</string> becomes <category>bar</category>? I'm unable to change the structure of my model since I am using the Morphia ODM to create the Article instances (article must contain List<String>).

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This post may be of use to you.

Nutshell version:

ClassAliasingMapper mapper = new ClassAliasingMapper(stream.getMapper());
mapper.addClassAlias("tag", String.class);
mapper.addClassAlias("category", String.class);
stream.registerLocalConverter(Article.class, "tags", new CollectionConverter(mapper));
stream.registerLocalConverter(Article.class, "categories", new CollectionConverter(mapper));
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Out of my mind:

private List<String> categoryList;

Does it work?

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That doesn't work. That just removes the parent <tags> element. –  Hokiedood Jul 29 '11 at 23:07
@Hokiedood Sorry then I do not know the answer, possibly someone else does –  Omnaest Jul 30 '11 at 9:26

In XStream version 1.4.5 you need to define different mapper objects for different class alias. The solution will be as following:

    ClassAliasingMapper mapper = new ClassAliasingMapper(xstream.getMapper());  

    mapper.addClassAlias("tag", String.class);
        new CollectionConverter(mapper)

    mapper = new ClassAliasingMapper(xstream.getMapper()); 
          // this is required otherwise it will override the previos mapper
    mapper.addClassAlias("category", String.class);
        new CollectionConverter(mapper)
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