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I use a Preference in a PreferenceActivity to load default values: when this specific Preference is clicked, something like this happens:

private String mResetKeys = "key1,key2,key3";

SharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getContext());
SharedPreferences.Editor prefs_editor = prefs.edit();
for (String current_pref : mResetKeys.split(",")) {

But afterwards, the Preferences whose corresponding SharedPreference was reset still show the old value - it seems to be cached in the Preference. Only when I leave the PreferenceActivity and reopen it, the Preferences show the new values.

How can I update the PreferenceActivity programmatically?

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I had a similar problem. This probably isn't the most correct fix but it worked for my purposes. Right after I did the commits, I called the Activity.recreate(); method.

The activity will restart (onDestroy()/onCreate()/etc) but for my purposes all I needed was a special handling on one preference. I listened for a certain preference with an OnPreferenceClickListener and made an alert dialog box with a kind of warning message and an option to change their mind. If they did want to change their mind, I did my commit of the new value to the preference activity and then called recreate() so that the checkbox preference would be updated.

However, I am also interested in a way to do this without recreating the activity...

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Right, the SharedPreferences get written, but the PreferenceActivity and its hierarchy of PreferenceScreens don't get updated. It took me hours just to figure out that this was the case... recreate()! Yes! Thanks! –  jsp Apr 10 '14 at 13:50

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