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I am running the following code with SinonJS and QUnit:

var clock = this.sandbox.useFakeTimers();
var el = jQuery("<div></div>");

el.animate({ height: "200px", width: "200px" });

equals("200px", el.css("height"));
equals("200px", el.css("width"));

But the test fails, looks like jQuery is using the real clock and not the fake one.

I am using Chrome 12.0.742.122.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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A jsfiddle/jsbin example would help figuring this out. –  Jörn Zaefferer Aug 14 '11 at 22:23
I ended up submiting an issue to the SinonJS github project: github.com/cjohansen/Sinon.JS/issues/30 Here's a jsfiddle with the problem and an ugly workaround: jsfiddle.net/VCMAc –  simao Aug 16 '11 at 11:04
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jQuery is using window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame or window.mozRequestAnimationFrame instead of setInterval.

If you set window.mozRequestAnimationFrame to false before loading jQuery, it will use setTimeout and SinonJS will work properly.

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