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I have an action that takes a while to complete. At the start, it should let the user know "please wait..." Then, when finished, it should tell them "finished."

Currently the way I have it set up throws a double render error.


def do_work
  render 'do_work.js'
  .  # takes a while...
  redirect_to :action => :work_is_done


$("#status").text("please wait...");

What is the best way to do this? Working in Rails 3 and jQuery.


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You have to redirect from do_work.js

$("#status").text("please wait...");
  window.location.replace(<%= escape_javascript work_is_done_url %>) 
}, 6000);

6000 - is time in miliseconds after which the function will be triggered


ofc you will need a named route work_is_done for this to work.

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