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I create a heroku app and then my machine crashed. I have a new machine. How do I attach my existing app to heroku app. When I visit heroku page the url for my app is like this

I can't do clone this app because I already have myapp from github. So I need to add heroku as remote to my existing github app. Anyone knows the syntax.

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First do this:

git remote add heroku{heroku-app-name}.git

Then do this:

git push heroku master
heroku open
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Newer version of command by @user101289 is the valid one. – Diego Magalhães Jan 15 at 19:27

If you're using the Heroku Toolbelt, the newer syntax is

heroku git:remote -a project

See this for more.

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If you are using heroku Toobelt then this is a nice choice. :) Thanks for the share. – Ajay Feb 6 at 11:06

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