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I followed the examples in following site,


So I expected following url would give me UK addresses. But it is still giving me US address. Any ideas?


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The "region" parameter will only make the region a preference not lock out all other results.

In this case it seems the address "Baker" doesn't even show up on Google Maps as a known location - only as businesses.


I also Googled "Baker village', "baker town", etc but with no luck. I'm guessing that location is particularly obscure and so Google is returning what it considers the more likely results - in the US.

If you try another example like "Birmingham" which is in both the US and UK you'll notice it favours the UK due to the region tag setting:


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is there a way to get a list of street addresses from a google api? I have seen few applications where you give few letters of the address and it gives you list of street addresses. –  Janaka Jul 29 '11 at 19:36

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