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I have a json store that returns values in json format. Now I need to get the number of rows/records in the json string but when I use store.getCount() function it returns 0, but the combobox is populated with rows, and when I use store.length I get undefined, probably because its not an array anymore, its returning from store, which is calling php script. Anyways, whats the best approach for this problem?

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its an object, i tried .length and it didn't work – Grigor Jul 29 '11 at 22:07
How is your JsonStore getting loaded (proxy, store.loadData, inline data)? – Ballsacian1 Jul 30 '11 at 0:51

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Try this out:

var myStore = Ext.extend(, {
  ... config...,
  count : 0,
  listeners : {
    load : function(){
      this.count = this.getCount();

Ext.reg('myStore', myStore);

and then use inside panels:

items : [{
 xtype : 'myStore',
 id : 'myStoreId'

Whenever you need to get the count then you can simply do this:

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Your Json response from server, can be something like this...

    "total": 9999,
    "success": true,
    "users": [
            "id": 1,
            "name": "Foo",
            "email": ""

Then you can use reader: { type : 'json', root : 'users', totalProperty : 'total', successProperty: 'success' } in your store object.

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As from docs if your data source provided you can call getTotalCount to get dataset size.

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i have same issue, i can get count of records in myStore after applying filter.

i do these:

var _count = 0;

var _filters = [];

_filters ={

  return {property:, value: item.value}



_count = myStore.count()



i run this script in add/load/remove/clear event handlers of myStore. I have an exception after

- "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined ext.js:39
Ext.define.updateIndexes ext.js:39
Ext.define.onAdd ext.js:39
b.implement.callParent ext.js:39
Ext.define.onAdd ext.js:39
fire ext.js:39
Ext.define.continueFireEvent ext.js:39
Ext.define.fireEvent ext.js:39
Ext.define.insert ext.js:39
Ext.define.addSorted ext.js:39
Ext.define.add ext.js:39
Ext.apply.callback ext.js:39
k ext.js:39
Ext.define.processResponse ext.js:39
b.implement.callParent ext.js:39
(anonymous function) ext.js:39
Ext.apply.callback ext.js:39
Ext.define.onComplete ext.js:39
Ext.define.onStateChange ext.js:39
(anonymous function)"
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If you use ajax proxy for the store, smth like

proxy : {
   type : 'ajax',
   url : 'YOUR URL',
   reader : {
       type : 'json',
       root : 'NAME OF YOUR ROOT ELEMENT',
       totalProperty : 'NAME OF YOUR TOTAL PROPERTY' // requiered for paging

and then load your store like store.load(); There will be sent Ajax asynchronous request, so you should check count in callback like this

  callback : function(records, operation, success) {
       console.log(this.getCount());         // count considering paging
       console.log(this.getTotalCount());    // total size
         // or even 
       console.log(records.length);          // number of returned records = getCount()
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