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When I click the button on the page I am getting a "Function Expected" error message. The error is on the first if statement.

I have the following code:

Response_Error: function (xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {
    if (textStatus && (textStatus == 'error' || textStatus == 'parsererror')) textStatus = '';
    if (errorThrown && errorThrown == 'error') errorThrown = '';
    var html = '';
    try {
        html = (textStatus ? 'textStatus: ' + textStatus + '<br/>' : '') +
            (errorThrown ? 'errorThrown: ' + errorThrown + '<br/>' + '<br/>' : '') +
            (textStatus || errorThrown ? '' : '<hr/>') + xhr.responseText;
    catch (err) {
        document.write(err.description + '<br/>' + xhr.responseText);

    if (Page._lastModalDialog) {
        try {
            if (false) { // HACK: change this to true to put contents on a textarea
                html = html.replace('<', '&lt;').replace('>', '&gt;');
                html = "<form><textarea rows='40' cols='120'>" + html + "</textarea></form>";
        catch (err) {
            document.write(err.description + '<br/>' + html);
        Page._lastModalDialog = null;
    else {
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Sometimes errors are spurious. I have seen this 'function expected' error in Visual Studio 2010 with IE10 and could not see anything wrong with my code; I opened the page in Firefox/Firebug and it ran fine. – Tim Sep 11 '13 at 13:59

You can determine the line that have the error from the chrome inspector console or from fire bug and i think it hase something to do with providing a variable while a function is expected.

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While maybe a helpful troubleshooting suggestion, this is hardly an answer. It should be a comment on the OP. – Sparky Jul 29 '11 at 19:44

This is usually the case when a callback function is expected. Check the code and see if there is place where one of the parameters should be a callback function. You could also do a console.log xhr.onreadystatechange, to see if there is a callback assigned to the xhr object.

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