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I'm looking to make a navigation bar like that of Google (their new one) or StackExchange, where it's immediately at the top. It doesn't have to be persistent, and all I need on it are links, but how can I make it so that it stays immediately at the top like that? More importantly, how can I make it so that it always fills up the entire width of the screen (rather than having a defined width)?

Currently I have a simple inline list, but the width is defined.

I'd be willing to use new HTML5 techniques as well as CSS to any extent to do so.

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You need to do something like this

<div id="topBar">
    This is content


body{margin:0; padding:0;}
#topBar{width:100%; text-align:center; background:#ccc; height:25px;}

So, you

  1. place the div right after the opening body tag.
  2. make sure there are no margins or padding on the body.
  3. set the width to 100%
  4. align the text in the center.
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Use position:fixed in the toolbar style to keep it in a fixed position relative to the browser window (and not the browser window's elements).

#toolbar {
    margin: auto;
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Do something like:


And define width:100% on the nav and a width of whatever you want on the ul. Set margin:0 auto; on the ul. To get it to stay at the top give nav position:absolute; and top:0 properties.

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All you need is a div with no width value set, outside of any width-restricted containers. It will automatically fill the entire width of the page.

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There is a nice navigation bar in the Twitter Bootstrap you could take a look at. It is on Github at

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