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I'm currently echoing all the names of the files in a given directory with php.
The files have a naming convention:
Year person was born _ last name first name


I need to rsort them first by year, and sort within each year so the output should be:

My current (non sorting) code is:

$filename = glob("about/*.php");
    foreach ($filename as $filenamein) {
        echo ($filenamein) . "<br>";

How should I modify it to make it sort the way I want it to? Please provide the entire code suggestion including the

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You'll need to write your own comparison function for this and use usort. This works:

$filename = glob("about/*.php");
usort($filename, 'filename_cmp');

foreach($filename as $filenamein)
    echo ($filenamein) . '<br />';

function filename_cmp($a, $b){
    $diff = (int)substr($b, 0, 4) - (int)substr($a, 0, 4);
    if($diff !== 0)
        return $diff;
    return strcmp(substr($a,5), substr($b,5));
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Thank you so much; that almost works perfect but I actually need the years to sort from most recent to oldest like in my example. Your code sorts like:1980_doejohn.php, 1980_elfsarah.php, 1981_fitzjack.php, 1983_guptasiva.php instead of: 1983_guptasiva.php, 1981_fitzjack.php, 1980_doejohn.php, 1980_elfsarah.php –  amesguich Jul 29 '11 at 21:34
@amesguich Hmm... it sorts correctly on my computer. Try switching the $a and $b in (int)substr($b, 0, 4) –  Paulpro Jul 29 '11 at 21:47

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